Sandstorm Motion Kit

Creating stunning particle and dust effects from your images

Create amazing static designs in Photoshop with the #1 best selling GraphicRiver item Sandstorm Photoshop Action. Take your results to the next level in After Effects using the Sandstorm Motion Kit.

Create this highly detailed effect from your photos with just a few clicks. Customizable settings in After Effects allow you to completely transform your results, giving you maximum control. That’s right, no plugins, no pre-renders and no third party apps. You control the amount of particles, the turbulence, the particle distance and much, much more. Now, you can control the effect in any direction!

The SandStorm Photoshop Action has been tested and working on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC+

The SandStorm Motion Kit has been tested and working on After Effects CS6, CC+

CC2019 Users – Please change the Expression Engine to “Legacy ExtendScript” or you will receive expression errors (File > Project Settings > Expressions > Legacy ExtendScript). We will be fixing this in the next official update, but for now please use this as a temporary solution.

The action will ONLY WORK IN THE ENGLISH VERSION OF PHOTOSHOP . If you are not using the English version of Photoshop, you can always change it to English and then back again to your native language using this method.

create unlimited end products and results. Buy it once and use it over and over again without worrying about licensing issues.

Sandstorm Motion Kit offers you the ability to create premium results in After Effects as a standalone script, so you can work exclusively in After Effects – perfect for vfx and motion graphic artists.


Sandstorm Motion Kit includes the #1 best selling GraphicRiver item, SandStorm Photoshop Action. The download includes the full version of the action, including documentation, updates and support.

Social Media Presets

Sandstorm Motion Kit includes all the top social media video and image dimensions via a simple dropdown – a convenient option for content creators. Choose from the most popular dimension for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, Vimeo and LinkedIn.

The Best Results

For the best results using the action in Photoshop, it is recommended to use high resolution photos in the range of 1500px – 3500px. The optimal range is from 2000px – 3500px. The detail and clarity in the effects generated by the actions reduce the smaller your photo is.

For best results using the SandStorm Motion Kit in After Effects, we support exports up to 4K (3840×2160).

Time Saving

Motion Kits are designed to save you hours, days, weeks or months of work. They are created in a way that both Photoshop and After Effects beginners and experts can use, saving you lots of time working on both personal or commercial projects.

We have put countless hours into putting the work in so you don’t have to. Create amazing designs and animate them in one click!


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$ANDSTORM Motion Kit is INSANE! I first bought SevenStyles PS plugin a while back then happend across Thomas Kovar’s AE version, and though I’m new to After Effects his detailed video and quick support on adjusting a few of my local AE settings and It was ON! Wooooo Hoooo #NextLevel brand promos will be flying out of The Lab here now (and I’m sure just the start now of purchasing his other amazing products)

GREAT actions, GREAT effects and AMAZING service. Thank you Thomas!!

One of the best product on the web!! Thanks Mr.Thomas for making it!

Some templates out there tend to advertise more than they’re actually selling, but with this template you get exactly what you pay for. I’m so happy with the end result after using this project and would definitely recommend to others. If you have any issues, there is a full 20+ minute tutorial and they have great support response time.

another awesome project from Thomas Kovar. Always the best 🙂

May I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Thomas Kovar for creating this high quality and visually appealing Adobe After Effects product. It’s amazing that such a fantastic product which saves customers many hours of time and skill in designing such an item themselves is so reasonably priced!!! I’d also like to thank Thomas Kovar for the exceptional and prompt service to me personally as a new user of Adobe After Effects. His service and expertise has been outstanding which is so refreshing in this day and age where great client service can be hard to come by. Once again, thank you Thomas!!!

Brilliant Photoshop action and After Effects. Does what it says, very flexible and high quality.

Everything this person creates is amazing. From the step by step guide to the end result. Love.

This design is nothing short of spectacular. Very elegant. I’m astounded how easy and fun this is to work with, thanks in large part to a fantastic instructional video that is technical enough to inform while being easy for a n00b like me.