Epic Trailer Toolkit – Modern Cinematic

Create epic titles and trailers

Epic Trailer Toolkit features a unique approach to build your custom trailer, consisting of 3 parts:

1. Begin by selecting your Trailer Style:

  • Minimal – Abstract cloud/smoke element behind text (Easily remove for no background)
  • Clouds – Epic cloudscape flying through thick, cinematic clouds
  • Mountains – Beautiful mountainscape over the clouds

2. Select your Trailer Style Theme:

  • Spartan – Warm, Gold Preset with Simple Text Grunge
  • Elven – Bright, Elegant Dusk Preset with Patterned Text Texture
  • Wizard – Cool, Night Preset with Glowing Text Particles

3. Choose your Render Template:

  • Classic – :30 & :60 Versions – Features Least Amount of Titles, Heavy on Footage Elements
  • Title Heavy – :30 & :60 Versions – Balanced Amount of Titles and Footage, More Titles than Traditional Trailers
  • All Titles – :30 & :60 Versions – No Footage Placeholders, All Titles
  • Back-To-Back – Simple Setup to Quickly Render Sequential Titles

You can also build your trailer from scratch using any combination of modular elements:

  • Hit – 3 Second Camera Hit to Subtle Push-In
  • Reveal – 3 Second Subtle Push-In
  • Linear Loop – 12 Second Infinite Loop (4 Seconds Per Text Placeholder) with Linear Camera Push-In
  • Ease Loop – 12 Second Infinite Loop (4 Seconds Per Text Placeholder) with Ease Camera Push-In
  • Logo – 10 Second Camera Hit with Wiggle to Subtle Push-In

If you’re not an After Effects pro, we’ve got you covered. Epic Trailer Toolkit includes detailed video tutorials that walk you through every step of the editing process.


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