Create sketch drawings from photos, images or logos in up to 4K resolution with Sketch Pro.

Insert and Isolate. Within After Effects, add your source and select your subject & focal areas.

Pro Tip: When working on faces, focus on the eyes.

Customize. Edit your results using the Sketch Realism Amount or fine-tune your results manually.

Animate the results. Select up to 5 unique areas to reveal. Adjust the speed, randomness amount or direction. Enable the hand for a timelapse hand-drawn effect. 

Render Time: 15.2 minutes at 1920×1080 on 3.5 GHz 6-Core w/ 32 GB RAM

Resizable dimensions. Creating vertical video couldn’t be easier. Simply select from presets or add your own custom height and width. The Pro version supports dimensions up to 3840×2160 (4K). 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

The Pro version allows for results up to 4K (3849×2160) and is only available on Skyld. The regular version allows for results up to Full HD (1920×1080) and is available on multiple marketplaces. 

At this time, no. The challenge with frame-by-frame effects is the isolation of the subject being sketched, not the effect itself. In the future we may support video depending on the demand. 

Remember, you can pull a frame out of a video and use the effect on that as seen in the demo video. 

No, you can easily enable or disable the hand. The results will look like someone is drawing on a digital tablet, which is another cool look. 

Absolutely. It was built with abstract sketching as the foundation of the results. 

The regular version you should be fine on most standard desktop computers. Laptops can be hit or miss as they are typically lacking RAM for optimal editing. 

For the 4K version, you will need at least 32 GB of RAM and a computer that can handle professional video editing. Remember, 4K resolution is 4 times larger than HD, so it’s like working with 4 HD projects at the exact same time. You can always set up the project in HD, then change the dimensions to 4K for faster editing.

We currently don’t offer a method to upgrade to the Pro version. We want to, but the licensing systems other marketplaces make it difficult to implement. 

If you want to edit the project yourself, yes. 

We will also be offering this product as a service in the near future. In the meantime, reach out to [email protected] and we can chat about it.